Docs to Prepare


Documents That A Lender May Require

Along with your loan application, your lender will require copies of some of the following documents. This list is only a guide so you know what to expect, but please ask your lender what is required for your particular loan.

  1. Salaried Employee: One month of pay stubs (4 if paid weekly, 2 if Bi-weekly – please be sure they are dated consecutively)
  2. Two months/one quarter of your bank/asset account statements
    (including retirement and investment). Be sure to copy all pages of the statement (if it says page 1 of 6, they will need all 6).
  3. W-2 statements for the last two years.
  4. Self-employed: include 2 years most recent tax returns and YTD profit and loss statement.
  5. Retired/Pension income: include statement from government/pension source showing benefit amount.
  6. VA Loan: copy of DD214 (discharge) and certificate of eligibility.
  7. Divorce/Alimony/Child Support: copy of divorce decree, order for alimony or child support (depending on how the funds have been received and the order of disposition, more may be needed).